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About Company

Skillics Learning Solution is a start-up company registered under MSME Act,2006 (Govt. of India). The main objective of the company is to empower students, young entrepreneurs, professionals by providing the opportunity to build skills by offering various online program related to management, Excel, Research Methods and data analytics, data science, data modeling, and other short-term courses  online to enhance their employability and professional development

We recognize the fact that millions of data are produced every day and moreover 90% of this data was generated during the previous two years. This data holds the potential to solve problems and improve the lives of the people. At Skillics, we offer Short term courses online and internship programs on Data Analytics in Summer and Winter on different platforms like SPSS, Excel, Python, R, Amos, Tableau which provides an opportunity for students and working professionals to solve real-life problems based on data rather than intuition.

Our mission is to develop an ecosystem which can bridge the gap between universities and Industry. We intend to teach and provide personalised training at one to one level with long term commitment.

Why Skillics?

We believe that data Analysis or data science is not rocket science so it can be learnt through a systematic approach and continuous guidance.

We design customised and exclusive program for limited participants.

We provide participants an opportunity to work on live projects so that they can apply the skills learnt during the program.

Our program is for everyone who wish on work on different data sets.

We provide life time access to our material

On successful completion, we provide certificates to participants for course as well as project seperately

We believe in affordable education so that participants can get exclusive service with nominal fees.

You may find lot of program across different platforms on data science but these internship programs are special in term of content, project and learn

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