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“My role as a teacher is not just to pass information to the students but to make them think”

I started my teaching journey after senior secondary schooling with some tuition at my home followed by working as a part-time teacher in school during my graduation. At that particular time, it was one of the ways of earning some money but I never thought one day this part-time profession would become my identity. The only profession in which I find myself comfortable and suitable is teaching. I feel that management faculty not only help in creating better professionals but they groom students to become better decision-makers and effective managers.

One of my faculty told me once „

Never say no to any silly question asked by students as the world’s best theories are build on those silly questions „and I firmly believe in this teaching ideology.

Founder, Skills Learning Solutions
Data Scientist @ 10EQS
Alumni of IIMA Summer School
Mob- 9888402640
  • Proficient with Software like SPSS and R programmng in Data Analytics
  • Helped so many PhD Students in their Research Work
  • Proficient with AMOS for Data Modelling
  • Full command over MS-Excel (Already trained more than 500 students)
  • Business Intelligence Software like Tableau and Power BI
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Completed an online certification course on “Introduction to Marketing” from Wharton Business School, USA with Distinction
  • Completed a online certification course on “Developing new ideas for new Business” from University of Maryland, USA with
  • Completed a online certification course on “Data Science Toolbox” from John Hopkins University
  • Completed a online certification course on “Data Analysis and Statistical interference” from DUKE University, USA
  • Awarded 3rd best Research paper award in Doctoral Colloquium in IIM Lucknow
  • Won 4th Prize for writing case study titled “Nokia’s Destiny in India” in International Case Masters Competition in IIM Ahmadabad
  • Topper of the 2nd Summer School on Multivariate Analysis at IIM Ahmadabad
  • UGC-NET JRF-2008 Qualified in Management (First-Attempt)
  • Do Vendor Cues Influence Purchase Intention of Online Shoppers? An Empirical Study Using S-O-R Framework, Journal of Internet Commerce, 16:4, 343-363 – 2018
  • Understanding web experience and perceived web enjoyment as antecedents of online purchase intention, Global Business Review, Sage Publication, 18(3)
  • Kaur S & Lal A (2016), Investigating decision making styles of online shoppers in India, (Book Chapter) published in Book titled “Globalizing
    Brand India” by IIM Kashipur
  • Gender differences in consumer decision making styles of young students in India, Indian journal of Gender Studies, 23(3) -2015
  • An Empirical Study On The Factor Of Physical Ambience And Its Contribution To The Success Of Organized Retail In Punjab, Indian Journal of Commerce and Management Studies, 6(2), 79-83 – 2015
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  • A study on shopping styles of Working professionals in Shopping malls of India, International Journal of Retailing and Rural Business Perspectives, 3(2), 870-875 – 2014
  • Private label brands: A new choice for Organized Retailing Consumers in Punjab, Asian Journal of Research in Social Sciences & Humanities, 4(1), 73-76 (2014)
  •  A study of Credit rating potential and  awareness among SME’s in Baddi region of Himachal Pradesh, Prabhandhan : Indian Journal of management, 6(3), 40-44 (2013)
  • Presented research paper titled “Identification of consumer decision making styles of online shoppers in India” in International
    conference on Marketing Globalizing Brand India- opportunity and challenges at IIM Kashipur, 18-19th April 2015
  • Presented research paper titled “Identification of Consumer decision making Styles of youth in Shopping malls” in International
    conference on Excellence in Research and Education, IIM Indore, 9th-12th May, 2013
  • Presented research paper titled “Consumer decision making styles as basis of market segmentation: A study of Shopping malls in North India” in International conference on shaping the future of Research in Marketing in Emerging Economies: Looking ahead , IIM Lucknow, 12th Jan, 2012
  • Presented research paper titled “Employee Satisfaction of Teaching and Non-Teaching Staff of Management Schools of Punjab” in International conference on Management Perspectives (ICOMAP), AMITY University, Jaipur, 24th-25th March, 2011
  • Presented research paper titled “ An empirical Study on Consumer Perception towards Private label Brand in Organised retail of Punjab” in National conference on Contemporary Business Scenario : Opportunities and Challenges, TITS, Bhopal, 26th- 27th Feb, 2011
  • Presented research paper titled “ An empirical study on impact of social networking sites on Youth” in Intentional conference strategic Marketing of Consumer and Technology Products, UBS Ludhiana, 10th-11th Dec, 2010
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